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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seed Saving Rudbeckia

I love Rudbeckia. The plants are strong and the blooms last a long time. Only hard frosts bring their blooms to an end.

I like to seed save Rudbeckia.
I take pictures of the individual plants and put little tags with numbers on their stems. That way when they die off I still know which ones were which. Then I collect the seeds from the plants I want.

Here is some Rudbeckia finished for the year. I collect the seeds after the first hard frost. 
Identify the plants you want to seed save. Cut the stem right below the seed head. Or pull the seed head off the stem without pulling the plant out of the ground. 
Collect the seed heads. Remember what color they are !!!!
Spread them out and let them dry. I use clear plastic flat covers to spread out the seeds. I leave them alone for about a week.
 Put the seed head between your thumb and index finger and roll the seed head.
You will release the seeds. Don't sneeze now !

Label your seed head by color (noting the picture reference ex: #10, large, dark brown 2' tall)). Use whatever you need to remember what seeds refer to what plant. Add date of harvest. Place in ventilated container (I use unsealed envelopes) and put it in the refrigerator or other cool dark place until you are ready to plant.

I will have a future post about starting Rudbeckias. Enjoy!

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