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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Transplanting Nasturtium Seedlings In Peat Pods To Peat Pots

Transplanting nasturtium from peat pods to peat pots is simple. Follow the steps below:

Soak some potting soil.

Get your peat pots ready. I use 4".

Get a seedling in a peat pod ready.

Put moist potting soil in the peat pots. Not too compact.

Create a hole in the soil slightly larger than the peat pod.

Now for the trick !!!! As you put the peat pod into the hole, spin the peat pod slightly to get all of the root into the hole. The spin will prevent the tender roots from snapping off as you place it in the hole.


And 2 weeks later they will look something like this.

Enjoy !!!!!!!

After The Coldest February And March In Recorded History - The Tree Peony Starts To Bud

The tree peony was given a healthy dose of rotted cow manure. The manure can work its way into the soil as the ground thaws and the spring rains begin. I'll mulch after the weather gets a little warmer. It can snow anytime until early June here. If the weather gets bad again, I'll cover the plant with a heavy duty 55 gallon industrial plastic garbage bag and some clothes pins.

A couple of sunny days and temps above freezing. Voila ! Buds !!!