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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Transferring Petunia Seedling Peat Pods Into Peat Pots 03-10-2013

Here is how I transfer my petunia seedlings into peat pots with soil.

I have a previous post about starting petunia seeds in peat pods.

I use peat pods and peat pots to transplant without disturbing the roots.

Here are some of the petunias growing in peat pods.
I fill peat pots with good soil ahead of time.
The soil should be moist to the touch but have no free water dripping from it.
Make a hole in the soil roughly the size of the peat pot.
Use a peat pod for reference.
Place the peat pot in the soil and gently push soil around it to fill in and spaces.
This one is finished.
A finished tray. I water them very gently.
Another finished tray. Just put them under the lights.
After a week they are still happy and growing. I water them every day.
One step closer to the goal.

Good Luck !!!

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