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Front Garden
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It Begins - Bed Preparation - 03-24-2013

It's Spring, but we still have snow. It is not unusual for this area. I try to get some pre-work in whenever there is a break in the blah weather.

 I start to get the outdoor beds ready by clearing off the snow and covering them with plastic. The snow will melt and the beds will thaw faster.

Frozen raised bed. The black plastic on the bed helps absorb heat. A must in this area.

Covering with plastic. I use bent hoops made from old political signs.

See my post:

A partial bed ready to start thawing. The soil in the pots is frozen. The pots make great anchors.
It may be cold and snowy. but I can still plant lettuce seedlings in my hoop house!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Quite Finished With The Snow - But The Vegetables Are Covered - 3/19/13

A quick post to show the hoop house during today's snow. The vegetables are snug and warm inside the cover. Not unusual to get snow at this time up here.  It can snow all the way to June 1st.

Enjoy !

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Transferring Petunia Seedling Peat Pods Into Peat Pots 03-10-2013

Here is how I transfer my petunia seedlings into peat pots with soil.

I have a previous post about starting petunia seeds in peat pods.

I use peat pods and peat pots to transplant without disturbing the roots.

Here are some of the petunias growing in peat pods.
I fill peat pots with good soil ahead of time.
The soil should be moist to the touch but have no free water dripping from it.
Make a hole in the soil roughly the size of the peat pot.
Use a peat pod for reference.
Place the peat pot in the soil and gently push soil around it to fill in and spaces.
This one is finished.
A finished tray. I water them very gently.
Another finished tray. Just put them under the lights.
After a week they are still happy and growing. I water them every day.
One step closer to the goal.

Good Luck !!!