Front Garden

Front Garden
Full Bloom

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hop Progress Full Growth 9-5-13 And Harvest Between 9-22 And 9-28-13

Never expected the growth to look like this in the second year. I was watering the bines daily now. The hop aroma was very strong and passersby comment favorably. I even attracted people from Germany because they saw the hops and the flag. A couple of people came by who really knew their hops and encouraged me.


I really enjoyed sitting on the porch just looking at, and smelling, the hops. The bines were about 25 feet in total length.

First harvest 9-22

Harvest on 9-24

Final harvest on 9-28 with ceremonial Victory Beer!

The harvested flowers were put into plastic freezer bags. the air was removed from the bags before I put the crop into the freezer. I will make beer out of the crop this winter. 

All in all I think it went well. I never went through a full sequence with with a good harvest. Next year I'll harvest the flowers a little earlier.  I hope I get bigger growth and a larger crop next year. I can't wait !

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