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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seed Saving And Starting Zinnias Update (2) 01-23-2013

Here is an update of how the zinnia is doing. You can see the growth rate from the picture.

Here is my original post link:

Seed Saving And Starting Zinnias

This is what the zinnia started in this post looks like today. I blurred the information on the stick because it has somebodies name on it. They will get this plant in a couple of months. I transplanted it in a discarded green pot. Looks like it just came from a commercial greenhouse. 

I don't strive for maximum growth because where I live the plants can't go outside until approximately June 1st.  I want to develop healthy roots and I leave lots of time (1 month) for hardening. I give the plants 12 hours of light per/day. The room is about 65F. For me slow and steady wins the race.

I started these on 1/19/2013.
I started this one on 12/24/2012.
I start the zinnias in peat pots and then transfer them to soil filled peat containers. I do this to minimize disturbing the root systems. The roots grow out of the small pot and into the soil in the bigger pot. The entire big pot will be transplanted into the soil. The peat pot degrades and provides nutrition for the plant. The peat pot provides the roots with a stiff structure to grow into and makes transplanting easy.

There are many ways to to it. This works for me.

I tend to start things too early because I want to make sure I have them at the right planting time. You can't reverse time. I don't want to miss my window. Besides, I love zinnias!

Here are some Zinnia California Giants getting ready to be potted.

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