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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worm Composting (Part 2) -The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

I received a big response to my Worm Composting post I decided to post a supplement.

Here is a completely processed deck. The color is uniform and not a lot of worms. They have moved upwards to decks with food.
 I wrap a plastic shopping bag around my hand and scrape the casting into a plastic container.
 The white stuff is unprocessed egg shells.
 Here is the back side of the deck ready to be scraped.
After scraping, I wash the deck off at my outdoor faucet.

The clean deck ready for re-use.
Here is another deck ready to be cleaned.
 A close up of the worm casting.
 Worm casting from 2 decks. I'll let it dry out. I will then screen it any remove any oversize pieces.
 My "to be shredded" box.
 In process of shredding.
 I "recycle" things I find.

Two more decks, filled with paper and cardboard, ready to to start the cycle all over again.


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