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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My First Blog

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My First Blog!!  I decided to write a blog about my organic gardening. Many of my neighbors and friends have encouraged me so here goes! 

The goal of the blog is to illustrate, educate, and to have fun. I like to make fun of things, especially myself.

Hopefully, beginners to experts will find something of value. And, I hope o to learn from my readers.

The format of the blog will evolve over time so please be patient. 

This Blog is very similar to my adventure in organic farming.  Right now, I really don’t know what I am doing. But I will keep lugging away and learn and grow. Hopefully, in a short time I will re-read this first entry and see noticeable improvement! 

Why did I start organic gardening? A family health issue forced a lifestyle change. 

I remember the first time, with my new found purpose, I went to the vegetable section of the supermarket. If they didn’t have pictures next to the names of the vegetables I never would have found the parsnips.  When I planted my first vegetables, my neighbor across the street said that I looked like I was “willing” them to grow as I stood over them.  One day, my neighbor from down the block stuck his head over the fence asked my how my garden was going. I replied, “I don’t know is this good?” He looked around and said I was doing well. He grew up on a farm. I felt proud.  I was on my way.

Now, I can hang with the farmers at the local Farmers Market. Local restaurants ask me for vegetables.  I even get asked about how my crops did during the year. 

The purpose of writing this paragraph is not to brag, it is to show you that if I can do it, anyone can.

I will try to right a blog entry about every other day.  Sample topics to be included are:
  • ·      Recent events, sort of a diary, (gardening for me is a 12 month process) with pictures and descriptions
  • ·      Current gardening techniques. What works for me, why, and what else I’ve tried
  • ·      Beginning gardening; how to start from scratch and get you to the next level
  • ·      How to enjoy the gardening cycle every step of the way
  • ·      How to recover if you run into trouble with something
  • ·      How I use simple low cost methods that you can save money. I am a good scrounger
  • ·      Above all, information, positive reinforcement, and comedy

Again, thank you for reading my first blog. 

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