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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Politics Is Good For Gardening

You never know when you can find the perfect free in-bulk garden accessory.

Political Signs

The day after an election I am on-the-hunt for signs. Politics has nothing to do with it. Why? See below:

Collect political signs after the election.

For example (I did not endorse this candidate):

Now remove the metal from the sign:

The metal piece is perfect for holding up peppers, tomatoes, flowers, etc.

 I even use the foam type signs as a cutting board.

There are different of signs. The 3-sided bent metal signs can be re-bent into any shape you want to hold up the plants.  I use all types.

Places to find political signs after the election:

  • Political Party or Candidate Headquarters. I walk in and offer to remove the signs for them
  • Road sides
  • Normal garbage
So,  get out there after the election and get your signs!

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