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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Flora Peno Tiger Lily

Flora Peno tiger lily is a spectacular perennial I feature in the front flower garden. They self seed and have never disappointed coming back year after year. The large plants handle my Zone 4B climate.

They are in an area that receives plenty of sun and I keep them watered during the growing season.  Having seen any insects damaging them.

Soil treatment for the lilies is discussed in the following blog post:   Spring And Fall Bed Preparation

Preparing lily plants for winter is discussed in the following blog post: Preparing Plants And Garden For Winter

Wikipedia link for: Flora Peno Tiger Lily

They can be purchased at all major bulb and plant suppliers.

They don't need any special care or soil. Check with your local Ag office to see if they can grow in your location.

Here is the growing sequence with calendar dates:

I would highly recommend them for a flower garden. Happy Gardening!

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