Front Garden

Front Garden
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Garden Flower Pictures And Red Currant Harvest 7/20 - 7/27 2016

I harvested the red currants during this time period. I just glide my had along the cluster and gently pick the currants. I also pick the entire cluster and put it in the pot. It takes me about 2 days to do 2 bushes.

I sit on the porch to take a break from the heat or rain and remove the stems and leaves.

I ended up with 7 quarts of red currants. I froze them to make jam doing the winter.

Red Currant harvesting underway

Here are some pictures of the different flowers blooming in the garden at this time. Enjoy !

Rudbeckia and coneflowers


The garden gets many animal visitors. A grasshopper is on a flower on the left and a deer is walking down my street. I surround the gardens with deer fencing. But every night the deer pass by looking for an opening to the all you can eat 24/7 snack bar!


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