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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Seedling Status 3/14/16

The process I use to start all plants from seed is basically the same. Go to the links below to see the sequence. I get good results from this process and have been using it for 10 years.

To see the seedling status on 4/26/16:  Seedling Status Post 4/26/16

To see how I start zinnias from the beginning go here: Seed Saving And Starting Zinnias

To see how I start lettuce from the beginning go here: Seed Starting Bibb Butter Crunch Lettuce

I also water the plants very sparingly every day. Remember to water the soil, not the plant. Cuts down on potential for spreading disease.

Full trays of the same thing are labeled with one name tag until they are transplanted into bigger peat pots. Then each plant is given a unique tag with its name and start date. You may have to shift things around in the trays and not labeling each one will cause planting errors.

I keep the lights on 12 hours a day using an automatic timer.

All seedlings shown were started on 3/14/16

Zinnia in the front, Calendua in the rear
Calendula left, Coleus foreground, Nasturtium in the rear 
Zinnias, Cabbage and Kale in  the rear
Bachelor Buttons
Cabbage, Kale, Cosmos, and Zinnias in the rear
Zinnias with Nasturtium in the rear
Nasturtiums and Broccoli

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