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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zinnias 2016 Part 2

I love to grow Zinnias. They make the garden pop. The robust plants and flowers can be seen from a distance.

I grow all types of zinnias, California Giants, Cactus, Burpee and all possible colors.

There will be a few posts with flower pictures and the same information discussed below.

They grow well in my garden. They have strong stems that can withstand horizontal rain and high winds. The flowers last a long time, handle the rain, wind, and can handle a little cold snap. I don't get a lot of insects attacking them.

They are easy to start from seed. You can collect seeds from the plants to grow more next year.

Here is a post about seed saving and starting Zinnias: Seed Saving And Starting Zinnias

I use a metal support to hold up the plants and tie them to the support with green plant tape you can purchase from a garden center.

I reuse political signs. Here is a post about it: Politics Is Good For Gardening 










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