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Front Garden
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Garden Status 5-29-16

Took a look at the weather forecast and took the plunge. Started planting seedlings on 5/29 and continued until 6/2. Meanwhile the perennials were coming up.

Planted seedlings still in their peat pots in the ground and watered them. Peat pots are great because you don't disturb the root system. And the planting process is easy because you are holding a seedling in a pot not worrying about damaging the roots. The roots just grow through the peat material into the soil.

Before planting the seedlings, I remove any old vegetation and loosen up the soil. I watered them sparingly every day for about a week until I saw new foliage growing.

Poppies in bloom

Coleus planted

Hop progress

Wave petunia in hanging baskets with 4 plants per basket

Marigold and petunias in pots

Zinnias in pots left, coneflowers in foreground, tree peony behind them, poppies, then red currants in the back

Unweeded bed in foreground, zinnias in center, red currants in the rear

Asparagus in the front, zinnias in pots in the center


Blueberries left, lilies front right, zinnias in pots

Zinnias in center

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